Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hospital food again

Mata byouinsyoku

The maternity hospital offers a "celebration dinner" (I suspect sheri's "couples dinner" is something like this) for the new parents. We decided to schedule ours for the day the Pumpkin Prince and I were discharged, since I wouldn't have to worry about what to cook for dinner that night.

New big brothers and sisters are also welcome, and we took the Pumpkin Princess along.

She was pleased at first to get sausages and hamburger steak, but it didn't last for long, and she got bored pretty quickly.

The grownups got a multi-course meal on nice china while trying to keep the Pumpkin Princess in her seat, which kept us from savoring the meal fully.

Scallop pate, garnished with ikura.

Bonus points if you can guess who ate all of the ikura on both the Pumpkin Mommy's and Daddy's pate.

Onion and mushroom soup.

The soup is under the pastry crust.

A fish mueniere with herb butter.

I think one of the drawbacks was that this being hospital food, we couldn't get any wine.

Filet mignion.

The Pumpkin Princess did settle down to enjoy her dessert.

Which is a good thing, because if the Pumpkin Mommy and Daddy had been kept from their dessert, she would have heard about it at her engagement party.

I miss not having to wonder what's for dinner.


coppercorn said...

Scallop pate! I've never heard of it but scallop handrolls are one of my favorites. Hee on the ikura... I think all little kids would love fish eggs if they get to try them before (American) society tells them they're gross. They're salty, they pop in your mouth, and especially with the big ones like ikura their little fingers can pick them up one by one.

Jbee808 said...

Sugee!!! All this food is making me really hungry....onaka suita...=-)

pumpkinmommy said...

Jilly, it's common knowledge that conveyer belt sushi chefs start making ikura sushi as fast as they can when they see a kid big enough to reach the conveyer belt by himself walk through the door. And I couldn't agree with you more about the society telling them they are gross thing.

John, I get hungry looking at the pictures...and I actually got to eat all those things.