Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doll Festival is coming.

Mousugu Hinamatsuri

It's almost Doll Festival again. I need to get the dolls out soon.

In the meantime, the Pumpkin Granny made this for her favorite princess.

They're called tsurushibina. The Pumpkin Granny stitched each of the pieces by hand from silk fabrics.

Mice are symbols of fertility.

Dogs (yes, that's a dog, not a cat) are symbols of fertility and uneventful, easy childbirth. So very important in the days before retirement benefits and emergency C-sections.

Cranes and turtles are symbols of longevity.

And, of course, something for girls would not be complete without a fan.

It's absolutely beautiful.

There's just one thing, though.

I REALLY need to find a better place to put it.


Jbee808 said...

Thank you for having this blog...=)

Its fun, interesting, and i get to learn some Japanese too.

Thanks again.

sheri said...

That is gorgeous! And it must have been so much work.

I want to be a Pumpkin Princess and have pretty things made for me, too!!!

pumpkinmommy said...

Jbee, thank YOU for stopping by!

Sheri, we have a problem...we both want to be each other's daughters :P The tsurushibina had been an ongoing project for at least the past two years. It didn't help that the Pumpkin Princess took a few finished items (including a silk carrot, pepper and eggplant) as ingredients for her play kitchen and never gave them back.

Anne Ellis said...

Wow, I am so impressed. It's beautiful.

Livy said...

Owww... those are sooo CUTE!!!
I really like the cute red fan and gray mouse on a yellow pillow.
Ehehehe... ^_^

On the last picture, however, my main attention is fully focused to the pink lovely turtle-neck sweater you have there. Been looking for something like that here, but no luck at all.
It's a tropical country here, no snow at all. So sweaters like that is kinda rare to spot on stores.
Many famous Western brands have their branches open here, but I never found any turtle-neck sweater I've been dreaming about.
Maybe someday.
Wish me luck ^_^

pumpkinmommy said...

Livy, that pink turtleneck is cotton jersey. Most days it's worn under another shirt or maybe a crewneck sweater. Plus, it belongs to the Pumpkin Princess, not me!

You should visit Japan in the fall or winter, then you can get yourself a pink turtleneck and wear it every day!

Livy said...

So it belongs to Pumpkin Princess, eh?
Waaaaakakakakakakakkakakk (^o^)
It's such a lovely color to have. Been seeing something pink like that in Victoria's Secret sweater collection, but no turtle-necks I'd like to buy there.

Hmmm... how cold is it when Fall comes? I'm allergic to cold. My breathing system is shutting down slowly when I can't handle the coldness of the weather.
That's why I love turtle-neck sweaters and jackets/coats (all the soft comfy ones that could keep me warm).