Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sorry about yesterday

Kinou ha gomennasai

I didn't have a phrase yesterday!

Today's accomplishment: putting the dolls away. Tradition says having them out too long will mean the girl they're for won't get married until late in life, a disaster in the days before female neurosurgeons and attorneys were acceptable. I don't think getting married late in life is bad in the least, but I figured I should get going while the Pumpkin Prince is still in utero.

Accomplishment #2 is getting started on sorting the Pumpkin Princess's baby clothes into things that can and can't be used by the Pumpkin Prince and laundering the former.

Yesterday's routine check showed that his estimated weight, at 2500 grams (5 1/2 pounds), no longer qualifies him as a low birth weight infant by Japanese standards. At 36 weeks, he can come to us any time he darned well pleases.

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