Sunday, March 1, 2009

Head made of sawdust and glue cast in a mold, face hand painted by a master craftsman. Hair formed from silk and man-made fibers. Dress made of silk and man-made fibers, new at time of production. Estimated to be about 37 years old at time of photo.

Head made of quail's egg, face formed by tiny pieces of nori applied with tweezers. Hair also made of nori. Dress made of thin omlette and proscuitto. Body made of rice. Sits on a large chirashizushi garnished with steamed shrimp, ikura, egg and mitsuba. Estimated to be about half an hour old at time of photo.

Face drawn by 3 year-old Pumpkin Princess. Dress made of origami and probably folded by teacher. Estimated to be about three days old at time of photo.

I think I like the last one best.

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