Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's easy!


Idiot resistant Soy egg

Hard boil and peel egg.

Place egg in ziplock bag.

Add packet of instant ramen broth (preferably shoyu flavor) to bag. Close bag and shake. Toss bag in fridge and let sit overnight.

When cooking your instant ramen the next day, pour the water into the ziplock bag and rinse off the sides of the bag, and then pour the contents, egg and all, into the pot. You'll get a perfectly seasoned soy egg to go with your ramen, with pretty much no loss of flavor to the broth.

Oh, and no baby yet, by the way.


Jbee808 said... does sound easy....I'll definitely try this.



pumpkinmommy said...

Yes, it's incredibly easy. The only drawback is that it uses a ziplock bag, an environmental no-no. But I figure, since I use disposable diapers, not using ziplock bags is saving drops and wasting buckets.

Thanks for stopping by!

coppercorn said...

I came just to check on BabyWatch 2009!

I use tons and tons of ziploc bags. (But cloth diapers.) Those frugal sites who say to reuse them (bags, not diapers) just baffle me. I think Ariel Gore (hipmama) said she would drink coffee out of her two cupped hands for the rest of her life before she would give up disposable diapers. I feel the same way about ziploc bags.

pumpkinmommy said...

Jilly, anyone who uses cloth diapers is allowed use ziplock bags, get their takeout food in styrafoam containers at the drive-through, and toss their T-shirts after a season of wear without guilt. Honestly, I feel guilty about using diapers on baby #2 already, and he's not even here yet.