Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What did you do yesterday?

Kinou ha nani wo shita?

1) Take Pumpkin Princess to day care.

2) Routine OB visit. The appointment was for 9:30, and I was out of there by 9:50.

3) Laundry. How much do I love that I can do laundry every day for my family of three?
4) Grocery shopping

5) Chatting with a friend from...get this, elementary school. From when I lived in Suburbia, USA.

6) Order new O-ring for T-fal Clipso pressure cooker. The process takes at least half an hour of being put on hold and hung up on by T-fal Japan customer services, but I manage to place the order.

7) Redeem credit card points for T-fal cookware set. I am so looking forward to non-stick frying pans that actually don't stick.

6) Start fixing dinner. Chopped veggies and mixed soy and spices and chicken bullion for veggie stir fry, mixed soy, sake and spices for spicy mapo dofu, made dashi for miso soup (hmm... Wiki says dashi made fresh from katsuobushi and kelp is rare these days, funny, I do it all the time), made extra mild mapo dofu from a prepackaged mix (for the Pumpkin Princess), make taros in soy sauce, set water and rice in rice cooker.

7) Pick up Pumpkin Princess from day care.

8) Continue to fix dinner (cook veggie stir fry, finish miso soup) while playing legos with the Pumpkin Princess.

9) Took bath with Pumpkin Princess. Had Pumpkin Princess protest violently that she preferred Pumpkin Daddy's shampoos (although the Pumpkin Mommy is good enough as a playmate for playing with the bath toys). Breathe sigh of relief when Pumpkin Daddy gets home.

10) Switch places with Pumpkin Daddy and finish fixing dinner (spicy mapo tofu made from scratch, for the grownups)

(I know this sounds strange to Americans and Muslims, but giving kids their baths is a standard job for Japanese daddies and grandpas. Par for starting solo bathing is around when their age becomes double digits.)

11) Dinner is served.

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