Monday, February 23, 2009

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Sakki no tsuzuki

Miso soup for busy people 101 :P

So we have dashi, to which we ad miso to taste.

The package may say that the miso contains dashi, but using dashi instead of plain water improves the flavor immensely.

The official water to miso ratio (by volume) is 10 to 1, but I think that's way too salty. It's a good guide to go by, though.

The Pumpkin Daddy's favorite miso soup is tofu and scallions. Always add tofu after you add the miso, so the flavor of the miso can work its way into the tofu. Ingredients like potatoes that require actual cooking should be cooked in the dashi before the miso is added, because you don't want to actually boil miso. It'll lose its flavor.

I keep a supply of chopped scallions in a ziplock bag in the freezer. I toss in a handful or two of these after the dashi-tofu-miso combo is heated to just below boiling.

Then I heat again (but do not boil) just before serving.

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