Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There's a long path ahead.

Michi ha nagai.

This past Saturday was open classroom at the Pumpkin Day Care. It was ordinary enough, showing the kids sitting at their tables and decorating boxes with stickers and singing songs and having the parents join in and what not, but to me, the highlight of the day was just before lunchtime, when the teacher announced that it was time to go to the toilet. The kids all took off their pants and 20 or so adorable bare bottoms made a beeline for the toilets.

In spite of the cuteness overload, I did not fail to notice that the Pumpkin Princess was the only 3 year-old not in big girl pants. After some discussion with the teacher, today, I sent her out to day care in big girl pants, and was quite pleased when she came home with no diapers or laundry. However, although I managed to coddle her to use the toilet as soon as we got home, the kid was standing in a puddle within the hour.

Oh well.

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