Saturday, December 26, 2015

Whole roast chicken

Tori no maruyaki

We had our Christmas dinner on the 23rd because it was a holiday (I went to work on the 24th and 25th, like most of the general population). We ordered a roast chicken from KFC. It was very good. I made a mushroom stuffing to serve on the side, and we also got a big cake from the local pastry shop and shrimp cocktail from Costco. Add a salad and some steamed vegetables, and you’ve got a low-stress, delicious Christmas spread!

I still have to work on Monday. I also signed on for a half-day on Tuesday. I’m wondering how well I’m going to do with my running/ reading/ sewing over the holidays. My New Year Holiday reading plans were momentarily hampered by the two YA books I wanted to read being backordered. Then I got an e-mail this morning from Amazon saying that the books will probably arrive on the 28th. So, yay! Somehow I lost the link to the other book I wanted to read, but I’m sure I’ll find something else to read.

The minivan now has winter tires. This means that it won’t snow this winter. After that crazy snowstorm 2 years ago, I’m sure everyone living in this part of the country is singing my praises far and wide. If not, they should be…

I’m trying to figure out what I want to cook, if at all, for New Year’s Day. The Pumpkin Daddy already pre-ordered stuff from 7-eleven. He’s done the same thing for about the past three years, and it’s been pretty good every year.

As for the computer…I upgraded my MacBook Air to the new OS and it’s running reasonably well, except the autocorrect on MS word is a little wonky at times. For example, it won’t let me type the word “dinner” without a fight (it keeps making me type “diner.”) I’m pretty sure it’s the new OS because it never happened until now. I was going to install a new battery, and bought one on Amazon, but I dropped the external HD while I was trying to back up my files and destroyed it, so that process has been on hold until I got a new HD.

Hope everyone is having a happy and safe holiday so far!


Annie Crow said...

I'm going to see if I can convince The Dude to order roast chicken from down the street the next time he's craving it (I made it this weekend for him). Too much bother and then the house stinks of it. Especially since then neither I nor G eat it. I'm happy to make the sides... It would have been cheaper too.

pumpkinmommy said...

The KFC chicken was good, but kind of expensive. I want to roast a whole chicken myself one of these days, but maybe not because you say it's too much bother and how the smell travels through the whole house. I have to buy a bigger oven first, I guess.

Annie Crow said...

Well, it's a bother only in the length of time (I get started two hours before we plan to eat) and because I don't like having to flip it. It's actually very simple and if we made it more often I would probably find it easy, the same way I find baking from scratch easy but others do not. The smell is a bother to me (again, some people find that an attraction), and the clean-up is significant (both kitchen and de-boning the bird), but I leave that to The Dude.

It's way easier than doing a turkey and I do that once a year without complaint, so I shouldn't fuss about it too much. Although this year TD was content to have a turkey breast instead and that was much easier.