Sunday, December 13, 2015

I want to make something

Nanika tsukuritai

I haven't done much sewing lately. I bought a new pair of trousers in my utility color of army green (I think that's like the fifth pair of pants in that color that I've bought in the past five years) and they fit reasonably well at the waist. This is good because I don't actually enjoy doing alterations, I only enjoy not having to hike them up every 30 seconds even when I'm not wearing a belt. (I'm supposed to look better when I don't wear stuff belted at the waist, according to internet fashion blog posts about figure types.) But this might be bad because it might mean my waistline is expanding. Metabolic syndrome and all that.

The only sewing that I have done in the past month is not very blog-worthy. I was cleaning out one of the kitchen drawers and found a few cartoon character cloth table napkins. I cut up one of them and hand-stitched it into a bag and stuffed it full of expired tea leaves, stitched it closed, and put that in a pretty ethnic pattern bag that one of the non-Japanese youngsters at the workplace gifted me a while back. I hung the bag in my locker at work. My locker now smells like Ceylon Tea instead of…middle aged academic wannabe. Which is a good thing, I'm sure.

The New Year Holiday this year/ next year is only six days. I'm trying to think of what I want to do. My sister is supposed to come visit on the 3rd with her fiancee, and my brother might come too. Kind of meh about it. Explaining the meh probably warrants a blog post all its own that's depressing for me to write and strangers to read (part of the reason it's depressing is because a good deal of it is First World Problems). During the other five days, I'd like to:

Pull out my disaster of a flower bed and maybe throw in some fertilizer and tulip bulbs, if the ground isn't frozen

Get about 3 runs in, an hour each

Seeing if I can alter 5 year-old off-white boot cut trousers and/ or 15 year-old gray blazer into something that I can wear to work

Read the rest of the adorable Japanese YA fiction series about a high school rower I found a few weeks ago (Japan can't send an eight to the Olympics, but we've got more/ better upbeat YA rowing themed fiction! Not yet translated to English, unfortunately), and maybe some British rowing fiction as well

Read some work stuff

So, we'll see how that goes. This list is subject to change over the next two weeks, of course!


Annie Crow said...

That sounds like a mighty ambition list, IMO.

I think I would choose reading over most of it. Especially if feeling meh.

Good luck with your family, and I hope you have some Yay in your New Years vacation.

pumpkinmommy said...

I will need luck to deal with the family issues. So, thank you.

The reading is pure fluff, so I think the two Japanese YA books will take a total of three hours, tops. The British one I will have to get on Kindle, so it will probably take longer. The gardening is a very small bed, so the sewing and running are probably the most ambitious parts of the list.