Wednesday, December 30, 2015



I went running on the morning of Solstice to show how disciplined I was. Then I didn’t run for a whole week. I felt so heavy this morning (I’m not actually heavier. I checked, besides, how much heavier can a person get in a single week??). Serves me right.

(TMI alert!)

I got home and took a bath. While I was soaking and stretching in the tub, I felt a lump inside my abdomen, about the size of my hand. I froze. What was it? It could be colon cancer. Or, it could be pancreatic cancer. None of my grandparents died of cancer, and none of my aunts or uncles have got it (yet, fingers crossed, knock wood). I could be the first…

Then I went to the toilet.

The lump is now gone.

(end TMI alert)

So it’s the morning of Day 2 of my six-day winter holiday, and so far I’ve done one run (out of a proposed 3).

My winter reading list needs revamping because I can’t seem to find the e-book I wanted to read, and the books I chose for alternates were out of stock or out of print so I had to order them from obscure online companies from overseas (but they had good reviews so I’m not worried). They’ll probably arrive sometime in mid-January. The only ones I’ve got are these.


They are so cute! Really, it makes me want to go be 15 again and sit the exam for Urawa First Girls’ High School and tell the boat club coach that I want to row. Except, I’m in the wrong school district (wrong part of the country, in fact) and might not have the test scores. Oh, and the already being in my mid-40s thing might kind of get in the way too.

(But the artist needs work on drawing cute girls with good leg drive and hot oar bend.)

I haven’t sewn anything yet. Hope to get to that tonight!

Today, I want to clean the kitchen fan. We plan on going to the in-laws tonight because my b-i-l and nephew (but not s-i-l or niece) are coming, so that means no cooking (yay!) but also sitting in an overheated cramped room for a few hours. Of course, that beats what a lot of my friends have to go through in terms of air travel and family dysfunction (I have that one to look forward to on the 3rd. Trying not to think too much about it for the sake of my sanity).

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Annie Crow said...

Even the titles look joyful and fun!