Saturday, December 5, 2015

I want to buy it in a store.

Mise de kaitai.

Weekends have been pretty hectic lately. I wanted to go to the sporting goods store and buy cold weather running gear, but that hasn't happened. I've been winging it with black or dark gray Uniqlo heat tech long johns and long sleeved tees that I wear under my street clothes in winter, and so far it's been OK. The coldest it's been so far is about 5 degrees (Celsius! That's Celsius! I'm in Japan!) so once I get moving, I'm usually fine.

I could just buy stuff online, but there's that distinct feel of going to the sporting goods store and seeing athletic types browsing the aisles and kind of being one of those athletic people, or at least being closer to them than you were before you started running on a regular basis…am I making sense?


Annie Crow said...

Ha, I just went to the Uniqlo store that opened this fall in Chicago (down the street from me at work) and was thinking those heat tech pieces would make good running gear. Except I had just bought a bunch online...

pumpkinmommy said...

I wore Uniqlo heat tech leggings and a long sleeved tee under my usual running shorts and tee, and 100 yen shop gloves for my run this morning. It was 5 degrees out (40 degrees to you!) and just perfect.