Monday, May 4, 2015

The fastest in history

Kako saisoku

OK, this is the 3rd of 5 days in a row that we have off. So far, I've altered the jeans (I'd post pictures, but I'm wearing them now and you'd get pictures of my rear), planted annuals in flower pots and the flower bed and basil and rosemary in the garden, planted cilantro seeds in empty yogurt containers, and this morning I ran 5km. 

The last one was interesting. Up until now, I'd only encountered runners who were much much faster than me, and older walkers who were slower than me (but not by much). This morning, there was a woman about my age, size and shape running ahead of me. Make no mistake about it, she was faster, but not terribly so. I felt that if I put in some more miles, I could probably be about that fast. So I tried to  see if I could keep her within my sight, which had me running a little faster than I'd been running before. She and I went different directions after about 10 minutes, but I tried to see if I could keep the same pace. I could't, but it was still much faster than I'd ever run my 5 km course. 

I am really surprised and pleased at what I did, but my body hates me right now, especially my right knee. I keep telling my body that it'll thank me later, but I don't think it understands...

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Annie Crow said...

That's fun! (Also, trying to keep up with someone - or even pass them - is how I get through the hard parts at the end of a race).