Thursday, April 30, 2015


Motto nagaku

The Pumpkin Daddy showed me how to map my distance on Google Map, and I figured out that I was running something like 3.4 km in 30 minutes. I mapped out a 5 km run and tried it on Sunday morning.  It took about 50 minutes and wore me out quite a bit, but I thought it was easier than expected.

The pain hit me Monday afternoon, and it took until Tuesday evening for my body to completely forgive me.

I did the 3.4 km run on Wednesday morning, and that didn't hurt me at all. This is of note because when I first started running at the beginning of the year, I was in constant pain. This was when the runs consisted of something like 12 minutes of running with 12 minutes of walking, so I'm definitely getting stronger.

I made out a Golden Week "to do" list that includes gardening (buying and planting annuals in our flower bed), sewing (I found jeans at a budget clothing store, and I really like the fabric. They're better than my beloved Uniqlo! I want to take them in at the waist and add an embroidered patch to a back pocket. Customized jeans, just like the Hollywood celebs have!), and also some running (5 km at least twice) and reading (working through the book that I started during…the New Year Holiday I think ^^;)


Annie Crow said...

Nice work!

What is Golden Week?

pumpkinmommy said...

Anne, Golden Week is a short series of Japanese National Holidays in the beginning of May. The 3rd is Constitution Day, the 4th is Greenery Day, and the 5th is Children's Day. if any of these holidays falls on a Sunday, you get an additional holiday in its place. This year, with the Saturday and Sunday, you get 5 consecutive days off. April 29th is Showa Day (it was the previous Emperor's birthday, but after a reign of 63 years, the government decided it was probably better to keep it a holiday to avoid confusion, and no one complained), but there's usually a couple weekdays between it and the other 3 holidays.