Sunday, May 24, 2015

It kind of happened that way

Tama tama sou narimashita.

I've run 5 k two Sundays in a row. (No, I didn't say I ran a 5 k race, I said I ran 5 k for the health benefits and to be able to say I did it.) Another thing I did two Sundays in a row was walk.  This Sunday, we went to a big park about an hour away, and walked through the many beautiful gardens featured there. Last Sunday, the Pumpkin Prince and Princess's school district had a fair. They said there was no parking space so we walked. And the Sunday before that, I didn't run, but we took a day trip to a theme park. So Sunday is my running/ walking day. I didn't plan it, but it just kind of worked out that day.

In other news, I now own a minivan. I didn't NEED it yet, but it seemed like a practical choice for the next car after the Pumpkin Prius. It just kind of worked out that way. Which is fine, but it's just that a minivan seems so…suburban mom. Which, come to think of it, is exactly what I am.

I keep telling myself that minivans are sexy. They are the only cars that prove beyond any reasonable doubt that you have…oh, never mind.

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