Monday, February 28, 2011

Focus on success

Seikou ni chuumoku

1. Cleared off shoe closet

2. Got the hinamatsuri dolls out

3. Planted hyacinth bulbs, which finished blooming a while back, in the garden

4. Pulled out and bagged the tomato plants

And do not, under any circumstances, focus on how hyacinths had been sitting on top of the shoe closet for about a month, going from fragrant to wilted to dried, or how there had still been tomato plants standing in the garden in late February. The point is not about how having dead tomato plants standing in my garden puts me in the same category as people who still have their Christmas tree out in April. The point is that these things all got done. In about two hours.

It's all about accomplishments, right?


Annie Crow said...

See now, if you hadn't mentioned the delays, I wouldn't have even thought about it that way. Focus on success, indeed!

I, myself, have photos waiting to be put into frames. I have the photos. I have the frames. I've had both for over two months now. It would take me half an hour at most. Yet somehow those photos keep not being in the frames.

sheri said...

Absolutely, focus on the success!

pumpkinmommy said...

I love my friends, real and imaginary, who make me feel so very successful!