Sunday, March 6, 2011

Focus today, too

Kyou mo chuumoku

A half dozen of my co-workers are gone for a conference in Vienna. Bastards.

This weekend, I managed to:

Cook dinner both nights (lasagna on Saturday, nikujaga on Sunday)

Purchase and plant flowers in the pots outside the front door

Put away the Hinamatsuri dolls

Change the filter in the goldfish tank

Get the Pumpkin Princess to practice the piano and do her piano homework (I never said she did it well, I just said it got done)

Get 7 hours of sleep both nights

Write a blog entry containing an image

I managed not to:

Eat potato chips or snack food along those lines after 9 pm on Saturday (but not Friday)

Bring on the workweek! And my co-workers come back on Wednesday. I think they should bring me something nice, don't you?


Vicky said...

Very productive!

And a very cute picture!

Annie Crow said...

Yes, they definitely should bring you something nice from Vienna. Shame they probably can't bring back any Sacher Torte.

pumpkinmommy said...

Vicky: this is perhaps a case of like father, like son...

Anne, I had Sacher Torte last year. They sell it nicely packaged in pretty boxes at the Sacher Hotel and at the airport to take home. The general thought at my workplace seems to be "I wonder what they will bring back besides Sacher Torte?"

sheri said...

So productive!
And they owe you a really good gift for holding down the fort at work!

pumpkinmommy said...

Sheri: I have received lots of chocolate, a miniature snow globe, and a wood yo-yo.