Friday, February 11, 2011

Motomoto chigau.

So I saw this group of a half dozen girls, maybe legal, maybe not, looking absolutely adorable in frilly pink bikinis of various shades and patterns. They were all slender and pretty, and the only male eyes not looking at them were gay.

I found myself envying them for their youth, and depressed at my bulging parts. Then I remembered that I was never the girl in the frilly pink bikini, and that I always had bulging parts, only slightly less so, and a lot less saggy. I was the girl in the wetsuit, and a black one at that. I was never the hot girl. I was the dumpy Asian girl with thick glasses. I am now the dumpy woman with glasses (though no longer thick, since I can afford high end, thinner lenses, and cute frames). So if I envy them, it would be for their beauty, which comes partly from their youth, but also from who they are to begin with.

I wonder, though, what it must be like for the ex-hot girls. I mean, I am sure they are still hot, but it would probably be in a different way. Do they miss youth more than I do, because there is more to miss?


Annie Crow said...

That's a good question. I never miss *my* youth, though I regret that I didn't know then how fortunate I was. I might have made some healthier choices for myself in young adulthood if I had liked my high school self more.

I think you can have better adventures in a wetsuit than a frilly bikini. I remember the one time I wore a "sexy" swimsuit I then couldn't swim to my satisfaction. I'm very glad that at least over here being strong and athletic has become more "sexy" than it was in the 80s.

pumpkinmommy said...

Which would make you too sexy for your Speedo!