Sunday, January 22, 2017

Time flies like an arrow

Kouin ya no gotoshi (this one is kind of like a proverb so it's in classical Japanese)

Three weeks into the New Year. Wow, that’s fast! I think it gets faster every year, as we age. (Theory of relativity in ageing: a person’s concept of time is determined by the relationship between a given time frame and how long the person has lived. One year to a seven-year-old is 1/7th of his life, whereas one year to a 45-year-old is 1/45th of his.)

Addendum to New Year’s Goals

1)    I’m still working on the online course. I’m up to Unit 4 (of 8). It’s difficult, which is why I didn’t absorb and retain it as an undergrad.
2)    The Pumpkin Princess sewed her drawstring bag all by herself. I let her make mistakes, pointed them out before they became impossible to fix, and let her do all the ripping out and re-stitching by herself. She now proudly carries her PE uniform in it every week.
3)    The decluttering has spread to the pantry. Spices expired pre-2011? WTF??
4)    I should hire a gardener.
5)    Only four cubes left. I definitely should have made a bigger batch.
6)    I ran 6k on the second weekday after the holiday, and I think that should count as a holiday run, so  that I can say I accomplished my goal of doing 3 runs over the holidays. Since then, I’ve done Jillian Michaels’s 30 Day-Shred Level 1 when it looked like consecutive days of bad weather would give me more than a whole week without exercise.

7)    Ended up with leftovers that stayed in the fridge longer than several days, and had to chuck them. I’ll have to revise my New Year’s Cooking for the next New Year’s Holiday, since the next one looks just as short as this one.

Trying to stay focused and do my part in the machine of quasi-academia and society, but also trying to be realistic about what I can and cannot do, and what is best for me and my family. 

Aren't we all?

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Annie Crow said...

I should hire a gardener too.