Sunday, January 1, 2017

Day four (Happy New Year)

Yokkame (Akemashite Omedetougozaimasu)

So far...

1) I did about 20 minutes worth (of about 12 hours) of that online course today. Yes, New Year's Day and I'm doing an online course between fixing food and picking up after the kids. I lead such an exciting, accomplished life.

2) No sewing yet. I would be doing it now, but the Pumpkin Princess has been sent to her room for doing something minor that I clearly asked her not to do, so maybe not today.

3) The kitchen fan is clean. So is the main compartment of the refrigerator, and half the kitchen counters. Found some interesting things in the fridge, like drinks with expiration dates from 2011 or thereabouts (it was made before the 3-11 Quake!).

4) Weeds pulled, but soil not turned or fertilized.

5) Roux cubes made. I regret not making a bigger batch.

6. Ran 6k twice. I felt really heavy so I stepped on a scale and found out that I was 2 kg heavier than I thought I was. This probably happened over the last month and a half, when the running lapsed and I let go with the nighttime snacks and nightcaps. I hope I can fix this at least a little bit, because I've developed a gut and it gets in the way when I try to move.

7. Made five different dishes for New Year's (This counteracts the 2 kg I'm trying to work off, doesn't it?). I'm impressed with myself because this is some kind of new record for me. Mashed sweet potatoes with chestnuts, vinegared burdock, octopus and cucumber marinated in miso, date-maki (a kind of rolled omelette), and fish roe in fish cake.

So, Happy New Year, and let's hope for world peace (as opposed to what happened in Aleppo) and international understanding (as opposed to Brexit and the Neo-Naziism going on in the US and Europe and has always been around in this country). Hey, if you're reading this, you're probably gaining some level of international understanding, aren't you?

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