Sunday, February 7, 2016

Age appropriate

Toshi souou

The snow has melted almost entirely, but I’m still slacking with the running. I’ve only been out twice so far this February. I have the motivation, so I’ll go to bed with the alarm set for 5:15 and the alarm will go off and I’ll wake, but then since I have no discipline, I’ll scroll around on social media until it’s 5:30 and then decide it’s too late to go out, and continue to fool around on the internet. So I’ll end up sleep deprived with nothing to show for it. Today I went out for 6k and...I’m exhausted. I want to nap for the rest of the day. I want my money sleep time internet time back.

(ETA: about 7 hours after I wrote that and 16 hours after the run, my body hates me. I keep telling it that it will thank me later, but it keeps screaming at me.)

Maybe I’d feel more encouraged about the running if I were less frugal about new gear...but it’ll be spring soon, so there’s a good chance I won’t get any cold weather gear this season. I did some closet decluttering and I found a pair of Uniqlo fleece lined nylon pants that I bought four years ago to take the Pumpkin Princess ice skating. The other day, I went out with the rescued pants and a fleece turtleneck under the usual windbreaker and a knit beanie, and I got so hot I ended up taking the beanie and windbreaker off halfway through. I found a reflective sash at the local 100 yen store. It’s a cheap, simple solution for how my dark gray windbreaker set isn’t visible in the pre-sunrise darkness.

In other daily life...this afternoon, I went to the drugstore and bought cosmetics and dental fluoride. The cashier threw in samples for skin lotion and moisturizer, and I thought, hey, cool, until I took a good look at it:

Skin care for 55 y.o.'s 

“After age 55, it’s all about glow! Lotion and moisturizer for glow”

I was going to FB or tweet this, but I didn’t want my friends/ followers thinking “wait, if I ‘like’ this, will Ayako think I think she looks 55? Then again, the years are kind of catching up with her, and she usually dresses like someone’s grandmother. Should I be breaking it to her gently? Or should I just kind of pretend I didn’t see the post in the first place?”


So I decided to post about it here, where you can just read it and don’t have to like it, and you can comment about running or running gear or Tiny Vader or not post a comment at all.

(If you’re a cashier/ sales person, please be careful of what makeup samples you give your customers!)

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