Sunday, February 28, 2016

So busy!


I was fantasizing and motivating myself that I was going to get up super early and run 10k or at least 8k this morning. Then I dawdled and started fooling around on the internet and didn’t leave the house until around 6:30. I knew that the Pumpkin Daddy was going to go running with his friends (he’s put together a running club of a few local dads) at 7:30, and if I tried to run 8k I’d never make it back by 7:30. So, 6k it was, because 6k is a million times better than 0k!

While I was running, I saw a woman about my mom’s age running in sporty leggings and a cool running jacket and a bright pink sun visor hair! You go girl!

The Pumpkin Princess asked me to get the hinamatsuri (doll’s day) dolls out this year (I was lazy forgot last year). The bulk of the effort consisted of clearing off the top of the shoe cabinet. It was cluttered with junk mail and keys and gloves and toys and empty insect repellant spray cans. The actual setup took less than 15 minutes.

Hina dolls 2016

I always get slammed at work this time of year. Plus, taxes are due on March 15th. Going to try to motivate and discipline myself to stay on top of things!

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