Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Thank you for everything

Itsumo Arigatou

I fell in love with you the first time I saw you.

You belonged to someone else.

I tried to find happiness with another, but I couldn't forget you.

You are the one I always wanted.

I'm sorry it took so long for me to figure out something so simple.

So now, we shall make up for lost time.

My darling, your squee-worthiness is beyond any words I can imagine.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Tiny Storm Trooper.

SW in hand

Pocky (what's in a name?) has a couple Valentine's Day versions out. This one is called "Thanky."

It's extra thin Pocky, which, I think, means a higher chocolate-to-cracker ratio. More chocolate is always a good thing, don't you think?


Tiny Vader and Tiny Storm Trooper would like to Thank-y...ou for reading the blog!

DVST Thanky