Sunday, January 3, 2016

Holiday until today!

Yasumi ha kyou made!

Last day of my winter holiday! I have managed to:

Garden. I worked in lime into the flower bed on the weekend before the winter holiday, and threw in fertilizer yesterday, and then I realized the tulip bulbs had either been eaten by bugs or decomposed because of poor storage. I’ll look for something else to plant later. I have a three-day weekend coming up.

Run three times (5k, 6k, 6k). No hour-long runs. I never managed to get up that early. But I’m proud of having run three times in six days.

Alter my off-white pants.

The pants were wide in the legs, and had decorative buttons on the pockets, and I wasn’t wearing them as much as I used to because of this. I think they were trying to be sailor pants. They are Eddie Bauer, but they fit at the waist, and the fabric was still in pretty good condition, so I thought they were worth salvaging.

I removed the topstitching on both the side seams and the inside seams. Then I realized I could get away with doing all the narrowing on the inside seam only…which meant that I didn’t need to rip out the topstitching on the side seams. Oh well.


This alteration will give the pants another season or two of use.

Read cute YA rowing fiction. Final two books in a series of three (one for each year of high school in Japan). Oh, it’s just too cute! She dumps a guy because crew is more important than a relationship that doesn’t make you a better rower! She gets to row her final year with a boat exclusively made up of third year students! Her friend’s younger sister has a crush on her! Her dad comes to her final race! I read the two books standing up while cooking dinner.

I also re-read The Boys in the Boat, and re-noticed a sentence about the Japanese eight. They weighed in at an average of 145 pounds, and did the best they could do competing against rowers much taller and stronger than them, which was a fly-and-die at 50 strokes per minute (par is in the mid 30’s).

The other books I wanted to read didn’t arrive. I’m waiting on a book one of my imaginary friends wrote. It’s probably not my cup of tea (looks like chick lit), but she’s a funny person so I think the book will be fun. More on this one when I finish it.

Did not read work stuff, but this day still has a few hours left!

Visit by out-of-town family was uneventful and the food was good.

Trying to get into the mindset that I have to get up and get dressed and go to work tomorrow. At least the traffic will probably be less painful than usual.

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