Sunday, October 20, 2013

expands at the bottom

Yesterday the Pumpkin Princess had a make-up swimming lesson. Between Facetime-ing the lesson to the Pumpkin Daddy (who FaceTime'ed the Pumpkin Prince playing in the park) I ripped out the stitches in my 5 year-old white Uniqlo jeans. I wanted to slim the boot-cut legs so that they would be a pair of classic straight-leg white jeans that I could wear to work pretending they were white dress pants.
I ripped out the hem and the topstitching on the inseam.
When I got home, I traced the line of the back and front panels of my "gosh-why-didn't-I-buy-two-pairs-of-every-color" classic cut gray Uniqlo jeans on to the white jeans using chalk. The white jeans were cut almost exactly like the gray jeans up to the knee.
Then I sewed along the line, zig-zag stitched and trimmed the raw edges, and re-hemmed the cuff. I decided not to re-do the topstitching on the inseam because it wouldn't really change the look of the jeans that much and it would be pretty much near impossible anyway (I think the topstitching was originally done before sewing the side seam) . I think the whole procedure took about 3 hours. I now have classic straight cut white jeans that fit perfectly at the waist and hip.


Annie Crow said...

Wow. You are amazing.

pumpkinmommy said...

And I'm thrifty! :D I wanted straight cut white jeans, and wondered why these old ones wouldn't do, and decided it was because of the leg. These jeans also fit really well at the waist and hip (I think the brand changed the pattern of their high-cut jeans about 4 years ago), and the fabric was still in great condition, so I didn't want to throw them out. Moral of the story: If you find pants that fit well, buy one, no, two of every color (well, every color that you like, anyway).

Pure Blue Japan said...

Jeans are great for style. I always use jeans of various brands.