Friday, January 1, 2016

It's 2016!

Nissan jyuurokunen ni narimashita!

New Year 2016

Happy New Year! The in-laws were OK. The Pumpkin Daddy's brother and cousins also showed up. The biggest moment of stress was when everyone had to sit around two tiny tables pushed together and there wasn't enough room for all the food. Otherwise, everything went OK.

The photo above isn't from the in-laws. It's from our own table.

There is a reason I always make a list of things I want to do during the New Year holiday. I'd sit around doing nothing but fool around on the internet otherwise. So if I say that I want to run and sew and garden, I am more likely to do those things (as opposed to FBing/ Tweeting/ checking blogs. And mentally complaining that my FB feed/ Twitter feed/ blogroll does not meet my entertainment needs. But checking them frequently anyway).

I went running this morning. It was short, but the important thing is that I went out the door and ran and came back 45 minutes later. That's twice, so I only have to run once more either today or tomorrow to meet my goal.

I ripped out the topstitching on my beige pants, and pressed the seams flat. Hopefully I'll get some more done tomorrow.

I finished reading my Japanese YA rowing themed book series. Since no one reading this blog will read these books, I'm going to spoil away to my little heart's content.

(but I'm leaving a little space just in case, because there just might be a Japanse-literate person checking this blog entry who will read a YA book about a girl who falls in love with rowing in a coxed quad.)

Our protagonist rows for all three years of high school (an all-girl HS with super high academic standards). She briefly has a boyfriend from a different HS her first year, but she dumps him because he doesn't get the whole rowing thing. In third year, she meets a guy from the big name university her sister (a non-rower) attends, and gets quite close to him, and it's strongly hinted that while they won't go to the same school, they'll stay together because their boathouses are quite close in location (and it's not crewcest because they're never going to row against each other!). For a moment, though, I thought she was going to date her bow seat's sister. Which would have been so cute and sweet and would have made this a crewcest book, but didn't happen. (Crewcest: dating within a rowing team. Like incest, but for crew.) I cried when the lineup for her last regionals race was announced. They'd been through so much together, I wanted so badly for them to be in the varsity boat together. Only she and her cox will row in university, but they're going to the same school. Girlfriend is shooting for the Olympics.

(End spoilers)

Thing is, I read them standing up while cooking (as opposed to curled up on the sofa or lying on the bed), so I'll probably have to read them again. I'm currently going through "The Boys in the Boat" again, also while cooking.

Two more days of holiday left! Then it's back to the grind.

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