Saturday, November 19, 2011

Korean cuisine

Kankoku ryouri

Sundubu jjigae is a hot, spicy Korean soup with tofu, seafood, and vegetables. It's served in a hot iron bowl, and you drop a fresh egg in it while it's still boiling.

Japan doesn't do red chili as a condiment to the extent of Korea (we usually do wasabi, and even when we do red chili, it's much sparser than in Korea). Kind of interesting, if you consider the geographic proximity and cultural similarities. That, and the combination of seafood and tofu (both frequently used in Japanese food) makes for an exotic, seriously yummy combination.

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Livy (^.^)v said...

I'm surprised knowing Japanese don't do red chili as a condiment.
I love those red hot chilies so much. They're a must-have in most of my daily meals.
Here in my country, we love hot spicy meals. And half of us are so into the extreme level.

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