Monday, November 7, 2011

It was the best tasting I've ever had.

Imamade de ichiban oishikatta.

A couple weeks ago, the Pumpkin Princess brought home a notice from the Pumpkin Day Care announcing that her class was going on a picnic to one of the big parks in town. It was going to be a big deal for them, walking to the bus stop and taking the regular commercial bus line to the park. But the part that made me cringe was the part that said the kids needed to bring their own box lunch (bento).

The Pumpkin Princess decided she wanted a Disney Princess lunch. How on earth anyone is supposed to make a Disney Princess lunch is anyone's guess. I managed to talk her out of that one, but she announced she wanted a Melodicci bento. Melodicci is a character in the anime "Tamagocci." Yes, that Tamagocci. Yes, it's a TV show. No, don't ask.

Much web surfing, a trip to the grocery store, and an hour or so of cursing later, I came up with this.

The face is plain sliced cheese, the kind you peel off the wrapper to eat. The hat, eyes (including eyelashes) and feet are nori (dried seaweed). I stacked an additional slice of cheese under the brim of the hat to give it some dimension. The "dress" is a slice of ham I cut with kitchen scissors. I used a straw to cut the tiny circle shapes for the white sparkles in the eyes and her necklace. I had cookie cutters to cut out the shapes of notes from ham and pumpkin.

When the Pumpkin Princess first saw this this morning, her initial response was not that of joy or happy surprise or utter and total amazement at my skill. No, the first thing she said was "where are her earrings?

I think I have created a glass half full person.


Annie Crow said...

Or, alternatively, our children have such faith in us to come up with whatever it is they desire (I don't know where they get this, but they do), that it is the falling short of perfection that causes surprise and comment, not the reaching 95% of it.

Or maybe it's just girls, I don't know. :)

pumpkinmommy said...

Or maybe it's just a Pumpkin Princess thing...

I guess I should consider myself lucky. I could have had a request for a Gokaiger (latest live action spandex/ latex Power Ranger series) lunch...

Tia K. said...

Good work on the character! But, we often forget that what it looks like before the lid is put in place and what it looks like after being 'shaken, rattled and rolled' until lunch time are two different things!:-)
I made a 'cutesy' lunch for the the oldest boy (kindergarten excursion w/ parents) and went to open it up only to find that every had stuck to the lid!

pumpkinmommy said...

Tia, the solution to that problem would be to use tiny dabs of mayonnaise as glue, and to make sure the kid sees the lunch in its pre-shaken glory before it is put in the backpack!