Monday, November 14, 2011

I'd love to meet him (her) once!

Zehi ichido oai shite mitai!

I have very few claims to fame, but I do have some claims to fame by association. One is that my junior high school best friend's dad went to college with Scott Glenn.

My recently discovered claim to fame by association is that I (probably) went to the same school as Masi Oka. Now, this is a very loose association. First, said school is a Japanese language school that Japanese speaking kids attend every Saturday, not the five days a week gig most people think of when someone talks about school. Second, said school has something like three or four campuses, and Masi Oka has never clarified which campus he attended (in fact, as far as I know, he has never actually named the Japanese school he attended for nine years, but it's a pretty safe bet it was one of the campuses of Asahi Gakuen, the only Saturday Japanese school in the Los Angeles area where he grew up). Third, I was only there for three months in 1977 (I moved from the LA suburbs to the Chicago suburbs), while Masi Oka probably didn't start school there until around 1980.

Still, Masi Oka is a pretty cool person to be associated with, even if only distantly, and he doesn't know me from...from...



Annie Crow said...

And you know, he still brings it up for anyone new he meets who might not know... getting harder as fewer and fewer people (in younger generations) know who Scott Glenn even is.

pumpkinmommy said...

Which is yet another clue you, I, your dad and Scott Glenn are all growing old(er)...He used to always play the rival of the lead (Urban Cowboy), then the mentor of the lead (Silence of the Lambs), then the father (or friend of dead father in Vertical Limit) of the he's in this limbo age where he's too old to be the father but too young to be the grandfather of the lead. So maybe we will start seeing him again in a decade or so.