Sunday, June 5, 2011

Exercise log

June 1
30 crunches
6 pikeups
15 pushups
10 backward pushups
60 squats (last 10 with iPad. I don't have dumbells.)

June 2
25 min walking (with Cross Walker. End heart rate 124)

June 4
30 crunches
6 pikeups (getting better at them!)
15 pushups (with hands farther apart)
10 backward pushups

The plan was to go walking this morning, but I ended up sleeping in...Let's see if the weather cooperates.

I was hoping to shrink my muffin top, you know, have an inch hanging from my belt as opposed to two inches, but that hasn't happened. I have lost no weight. Zero. But my abds have got much stronger, and I think my posture stays good until later in the day than before.

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