Sunday, June 12, 2011

Changing the way I do things

Yarikata wo kaeru

June 5
30 min walking

June 7
30 crunches
6 pikeups
16 pushups
50 squats (20 with iPad)

June 8
25 min walking, 5 min running

And that is the last bit of walking I have done in a while. I've decided to give Jillian Michaels "Ripped in 30" (according to reviews on and such, it's pretty much the same thing as "30 Day Shred" but since I've never seen "30 Day Shred," this is not a problem in the least) a try. The DVD arrived yesterday, and I tried it last night and tonight. Controversy about her persona and marketing strange things as weight loss supplements aside, the idea of doing cardio and following with strength training and going back to cardio again before your heart rate goes down too far makes sense.

However, you will note the use of the word "try" in the previous paragraph. Yesterday, I did it after the Pumpkin Prince and Princess went to sleep. It went fairly well. Tonight, the Pumpkin Princess announced she wanted to try too. I thought it would be easy enough, having her jump around beside me while I go all out...

No deal. She kept wanting to use the mat (I had only one) and the hand-weights (or rather, the water bottles I was using to see if I could make this a regular thing that would make actual hand-weights worth purchasing) so I ended up just going through the motions of curls and presses.

Still, better than nothing. It still wore me out, and it still made me out of breath.


Annie Crow said...

Yeah, Buddy always gets in the way of our pre- and post-run stretching, unless it's the standing kind. Then he either tries to do it next to us, or hugs the non-stretching leg, which is not so helpful.

pumpkinmommy said...

I think years from now, when they are sullen teenagers, we will look back on how cute it was that they wanted to do stuff with us and sigh deeply. Right now, though, not helpful.