Saturday, May 28, 2011

Boxed lunch


I make lunch once a year, for the annual Pumpkin Daycare field trip to the Safari Park. I spent the week pondering how I would do this, and got up this morning half an hour earlier than usual to make these.

For the Pumpkin Princess, Sugar Bunnies. She voiced her approval during a sneak preview before breakfast.

For the Pumpkin Prince, Anpanman

The faces are egg, ham, and a carrot slice. For the eyes/ eyebrows/ noses/ mouths, I used special punches to cut nori (dried seaweed sheets).

The egg was a little dry, which meant that nori did not stick to it as well as it did to rice or ham. The Pumpkin Princess burst out laughing when she opened her box at lunchtime because the nose and mouth of the rabbit were stuck to the top...

The grownups just got everything tossed into 3 tupperwares :P

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Tasneem Hafez said...

konnichiwa... it has been a while since i started visiting your blog .. i think it is useful and introducing a glance of the Japanese culture in a light and interesting way.. and i thought that u should know that i really appreciate your work ... so, otsukaresama desu ... i wish u all the best ... arigatou!!