Sunday, March 13, 2011

My accomplishment for today is having peeled myself away from the TV and internet quake and meltdown coverage long enough to buy diapers and cook dinner, and also not having lost my temper at my kids.

Sometimes, I have really low expectations for myself. Today is one of those days, and I'd say it's allowed.

Neither parent had the emotional resources to play with or pay any sort of attention to the kids, so we just let them watch DVRed programs and rental DVDs. Apparently, the Pumpkin Princess likes Dora the Explorer. She watches it in English, and loves it, which is strange because she doesn't understand English or Spanish.


Annie Crow said...

Yes, I would say if your accomplishment for the day were only not losing your temper with the kids, that would be enough.

Don't understand about the break thing either, but whatever. People do odd things during crisis.

We all have been thinking so much about you and the people affected. D claimed most of the guitar picks you gave The Dude for his own and so they are scattered about the house - every time we see one we think about you.

Annie Crow said...

Bread, I meant to write bread. Not break.