Monday, September 7, 2009

Wednesday's dinner

Suiyoubi no gohan

Spaghetti with a Bolognaise sauce I'd made 2 weeks ago from tomatoes from our garden, and frozen in an enamel container (about 80% of my containers are either Pyrex or enamel. The food can be as greasy and saucy as it likes :). Corn chowder, made from canned corn, bacon I'd cut up and frozen a month ago, onions chopped and cooked until translucent and frozen 3 weeks ago, milk, and a roux cube (again, roux cooked in bulk and frozen in an ice cube tray. I know one ice cube is about 1 tablespoon, so one cube is enough to thicken 2 cups into chowder). Toss everything into pot at once, and whisk with wire whisk (while poking at the pot the spaghetti is boiling in with the other hand :P)

Salad and frittered sweet potatoes compliments of Pumpkin Granny :) but I think it would still be a decent dinner even if the salad weren't as nice (bean sprouts, cucumbers, marinated onions, and celery) and the sweet potatoes weren't there.


coppercorn said...

It's still Sunday here ;-)

That dinner represents way, way, way more organizational skills than I have. Also, I like saute-ing the onions while I have a glass of wine.

I hear you on Japanese food & crockpots, but the ones we have here now have a removable crock so I can prep everything the night before, put the crock in the fridge, then the next morning put it in the base and turn it on.

(Off to Amazon to look for another crock-pot cookbook...)

pumpkinmommy said...
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Annie Cat said...

And you even manage to take photos...

Will you cook for me if I ever manage to come visit?

If you come here you'll get a grand tour of local restaurants, especially those that do takeout. Buster likes the bean/cheese soft tacos at our taqueria down the alley.

pumpkinmommy said...

Judy, I do stuff while sauteing onions, but with my alcohol tolerance (or lack thereof), wine would be a bad idea. I'm usually cleaning and organizing the shelves beside the kitchen table. If something I'm cooking during the weekend involves sauteed onions, and I'm low on freezer stock, I'll toss a couple extra onions in the food processer. Then, when the onions are done, I'll spoon what I don't need that day into ziplock bags.

The removable crock and doing all the cutting and prepping the night before sounds great. I might have to look into getting one this winter.

Anne, if you ever visit, of course I will cook for you. Of course, I will make you sit in the kitchen while I cook because we would have to do something like 23 years of catching up. And if I ever visit you, soft tacos sound great, but my co-workers have told me that the best sushi in the universe is (Judy, are you listening?) to be found in Chicago, somewhere far away from Michigan Avenue, so we could go there as well. That is, if you are into sushi, of course.

(In case anyone is wondering, the "deleted" comment was mine, I wrote something along the lines of what I wrote to Judy in this post while half asleep but was too rambly.)

Anonymous said...

This is what I call a nice spread..... YUM