Sunday, June 14, 2009

May I do the puzzle?

Pazuru shite mo ii?

This is the Pumpkin Princess's favorite pastime of the moment. It's a 65 piece jigsaw puzzle. I'm impressed that she's learned to put this together by herself. The picture of her favorite anime of the moment is good motivation. She's developing her hand-eye coordination and concentration.

I just wish she wouldn't start taking it apart at 8:15 on a weekday morning.


Vicky said...

Hi Pumpkin Mummy!

Thanks for visiting my blog lately - may I ask how you found me? I presume you are another FW in Japan???

I love getting visitors - where do you live?

And your phrase of the day idea for a blog is great! Mine tends to be more of a photo diary than anything else....

pumpkinmommy said...

Hi Vicky! My name is Ayako, and I think I found you through another FW's blog or Facebook account (I think it was my friend Tia's Facebook, but I'm not sure). I'm not a FW in Japan, though I sometimes wish I were, you ladies sure know how to throw a party! I'd be happy to tell you more about me like my full name and where I live and how I pay for my Hanna Andersson addiction if you can give me an e-mail address or friend me on Facebook. For now, I'll just say thanks for stopping by!