Monday, May 8, 2017

Second half of multi-day holiday

Renkyuu no kouhan

Day 4

Weeded for half an hour. 
Realized that I needed to hem the curtains in the Pumpkin Prince’s room (we’d been using the curtains I bought when I first moved into my bachelorette pad, circa turn of the century). It was a fairly simple task, except the sewing machine seems to be acting up and the stitches are uneven. At least this happened with something like curtains and not clothing. Another task for the to-do list. 
Some editing work.

Day 5 (last day!)

Put away the olive brown sweater set.
Weeded for half an hour.
Colored my hair.

We bought both offspring new shoes. We also checked out a mall we hadn’t been to in a while and found a Burger King. We were ashamed at ourselves at how excited we were to find a Burger King, but only slightly. Too bad we hit the place after Lunch.

This Golden Week, I ended up with three good-sized trash bags of weeds (which is probably like one standard American sized trash bag, which is still a lot of weeds!) and a good-sized trash bag of clothes, and a room with curtains the right length. So it’s not a bad 5 days of tasks. Only ran once, but that’s all right.

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