Friday, May 5, 2017

First half of holiday

renkyuu zenhan

Day 1

Went to bed at around 11 pm and slept straight through until 5:30. I woke up and checked blogs and insta and FB for about an hour and then I…
Slapped on some sunscreen, pulled on the rubber boots, and weeded for about half an hour. I did another half-hour of weeding later in the day.
Sorted and culled a container of clothes (including two windbreakers that belonged to the Pumpkin Daddy but somehow found their way into my drawer). Found other stuff that had gone AWOL and I’d missed so much I was considering buying new ones. I also realized I hadn’t worn the waist alteration debut pants in over a year, partly because it’s a lint magnet and also because they’re flared. I also found a pair of flared chinos from about 10 years ago that still fit, so those two pairs will be getting the leg alteration sometime soon.
Washed two of my Uniqlo cashmere sweaters.
Mended the lining of my navy blue blazer. It took all of five minutes once I got the sewing box out and found black sewing thread.

Day 2

Less spectacularly...
Weeded for half an hour
Folded my two sweaters and put them away, and washed two additional sweaters
Fid the craft my kids wanted to try, which was cut out pretty candy wrappers and coat them with UV activated resin to make little charms. We used 100 yen-shop UV resin. Check out my super high-tech bug, dust, and wind resistant, UV ray permeable activation box (a plastic food container strapped to a brick with a rubber band)! 

Tiny Vader and co. did a photo shoot for SW day.

Decluttered some more closet drawers.

Day 3

Ran 6k (first run of the holiday…) and took a long bath afterward. 
Washed the last of my cashmere knits (an olive brown sweater set) and put away the sweaters washed the day before.
...and that was it for today because some relatives came to visit.

Not as much as I wanted to do, but still, not bad at all.

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