Sunday, August 14, 2016

Blog Neglect

Burg houki

I’ve neglected the blog for a whole month. I’m kind of impressed with myself. Well, not really, but I’m not disappointed with myself either. It’s a blog. That about six people read regularly. I’m not sick physically or mentally, and I’m not in trouble or anything, nor is anyone else in my family.

Let’s see. The Pumpkin Prince and Princess are on summer vacation. A couple weeks ago, we went to Disneyland and Disney Sea. They’ve become tall enough to ride almost everything, so we rode attractions that we hadn’t been able to try until now. 

We also did the obligatory overpriced but irresistible treats, 

like the Mickey Mouse popsicle
and the Little Green Man (man means dumpling in Japanese. These are mochi skins containing chocolate, strawberry and vanilla custard.)

In the hot summer sun, the passion fruit/ beer cocktail was to die for.

The cost performance of the food is, of course, better outside the park. There was an upscale shopping mall right next to the park, so we had lunch there the second day. Soba with assorted tempura and a small unagi bowl.

I saw a kid with an R2D2 popcorn case, and I had to have it. I mean, the Pumpkin Prince saw a kid with one, and begged me to get him one just like it. Yes, that’s it, that’s what happened...

The last day at the park, I ran a single lap (about 6k) around the whole thing. I could see some of the Disney Sea attractions, but nothing of Disneyland (I got a good view of the Disneyland Hotel, though). Never thought the day would come when I’d go to Disneyland and use my running shoes, but I guess that goes to prove you should never say never.

Then we went to see the cousins (my brother’s sons). They took us day camping, which meant they loaded up the grill and a tarp in his minivan and set everything up in the campsite and cooked stuff and the kids played catch and then it started pouring rain so we hid under the tarp for about an hour until it passed, and we packed everything up and went back to the hotel for a nice shower. My kind of camping!

On our way back, we saw this cloud that looked so much like a nice big cup of shaved ice. I’ll take mine mattcha/ condensed milk, thank you....

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