Sunday, June 12, 2016

Should (I) be a big shot?

Erai hito ni naru beki?

Other than ranting about things that happened during a different millennium and taking pictures of my SW figures (and the Pumpkin Daddy's Matryoshka doll), I haven't been doing much.

The Pumpkin Princess is currently meeting her friends at 6:30 every school day to do short runs or play badminton in the tiny park (more like a small lot that happens to have swings, a slide, and a sandbox) about 30 meters from our house. This will help her prepare for the "family run" we're going to do early next month. I thought the tween running/ exercise club would vanish within a week, but it's been about a month and they're still at it! The Pumpkin Prince, on the other hand, won't get up in the morning to run with me. He gets his exercise when he goes to his tennis class, and when I tried running with him a couple times, he could run about 1200 meters without problems, so it's not completely hopeless. The race is supposed to be about 2 km and goes both downhill and uphill, so I'd like to get him to run longer distances a few times before the big day.

My own running...happens. Sometimes. And I think it's good for me when it does. So, I need to find the discipline to 1) get up early more frequently than once or twice a week 2) get up earlier so I can run longer distances before I get to work. Couldn't I run long distances on weekend mornings? See 1)....

Some stuff I've been reading, and pondering, and wondering what I can do to make the world a better place...

The Ugly Secret of Working Moms. Wait, this is new information? This is old news to working moms. (I folded on this game when the Pumpkin Daddy took on homemaking duties, but I lived this until recently.)

'I'm Not Your Wife!' A New Study Points to a Hidden Form of Sexism. Hidden only to those who practice it, not to those who receive it. Everyone knows this happens, but it's nice to see it in black and white in an academic context. O.K., maybe not really, but it's a start.

Let's discuss; if you don't wear makeup to work, you'll be paid less. In Japan, the general consensus seems to be that wearing makeup is a necessary form of professional attire, and not wearing makeup is 1) rude to the people around you 2) a statement of arrogance that you're beautiful enough without putting in the effort. In a twisted way, this might actually be better than things in the US where people in decision-making positions (read: men) say that they prefer the "natural look" but subconsciously deduct points for age spots, pores, and overly bushy eyebrows.

The Families That Can't Afford Summer. (New York Times, so wait until next mont if you've maxed out on free articles!) I remember going to Day Camp and Overnight Camp when I lived in Suburbia, USA, but it was a luxury and not a necessity. My mom was a full-time homemaker, so we could have stayed at home. When the Pumpkin Daddy and I both worked full time, the Pumpkin Princess went to after-school child care. We paid 20,000 yen a month (USD 180 or thereabouts?). For what we got, it was a bargain, especially during summer. We could drop her off any time after 7:30 (with her lunch) and come for her any time before 7 p.m. They made the kids do their summer vacation homework in the morning (they'd be done with their written assignments by the end of the second week) and then they'd do crafts or watch DVDs or play outside or go to the school swimming pool in the afternoon. We don't send her there anymore, and we were a single income household by the time the Pumpkin Prince started school, but that child care was a lifesaver.

And my milk and gelatin DIY Biore nose strip is dry, so I'm signing off! But not before I share how to do a DIY nose strip...

1 part powdered unflavored gelatin
1 part milk (any kind, I've tried dairy and soy and they work the same)
(if you just want to do your nose, 1/2 tsp of each should be enough)

Place in a heat resistant bowl and microwave on high for 10 seconds, and stop when you see bubbles. Touch it to make sure it isn't too hot, and then apply to your nose with a brush (I use a 100 yen-shop nylon paintbrush). Wait for it to dry/ harden, and peel off slowly. Stare at the stuff that came off on the strip for a good several minutes, and then lay a cotton puff soaked with your usual skin lotion (mine's a DIY formula of urea, glycerin, and tap water) on your nose and let it sit for 10 minutes or so (for moisturizing).

(Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist nor do I play one on TV.)

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