Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I want to be famous

Yuumei ni naritai

Hello, I'm Matryoshka. 

I love fashion,

sweets (especially with my darling, Tiny Vader),


and healthy living (see my chia/ soy/ banana smoothie?).

My secret dream in life is to become a big name social media influencer, and have brands like Kate Spade and JCrew and Vineyard Vines send me their latest stuff for free and travel all over the world for free and enjoy the sweet life with my darling and have him put a ring on my finger. 

(What's that you say? I don't have fingers because I'm a Matryoshka? An insignificant detail that will not derail my plans for social media domination.)

(Don't mind the human hand you see. It's my intern, Pumpkinmommy. She apparently has blogger aspirations too.)

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1 comment:

Annie Crow said...

Love it. (And that smoothie looks good.)