Friday, April 29, 2016

To do list

Yaru koto risuto

Today is the first day of Golden Week 2016. It should be April 29th to May 8th, but of course I have to work (and the Pumpkin Prince and Princess have to go to school) on May 2nd and May 6th. Still, I have eight days off in 10 days, so I made a to do list. 

This is the super ambitious Golden Week to do list. I like blogging my holiday to do lists because I seem to get more stuff done during my holidays when I do, and fool around less on the internet.

Docomo: Go to the Docomo store and revise my mobile phone contract. I’m paying for the Pumpkin Granny’s phone too (technically, that ‘s my phone, not hers) and she wants a smartphone. We’ll see what can be done vs what I am willing to pay.

Run x3: ‘nuff said. This doesn’t have to be done on holidays or weekends. It can happen on the Monday or Friday that breaks up Golden Week.

Tiny Vader room/ sofa: I’m going to make the Tiny Vader room for Tiny Vader as he is now. If they end up needing revamping, so be it.

Alter beige/ green pants: I thought they didn’t need altering, but it looks like they do.

Belt loops on batik dress/ slim pink batik: I went to Indonesia last year, and I was gifted with two batiks. One was a knee-length shirtdress and one was a blue and pink tunic. They were both slightly large. I want to put crocheted thread belt loops on the shirtdress so that I can tie it in back with a black grosgrain ribbon for a slimming effect. I want to add waist darts in back or maybe slim the sides of the tunic.

Grosgrain ribbon (Uniqlo hat): Last year, I bought a straw (o.k., paper that pretends to be straw) hat from Uniqlo. It had a cord of the same color tied around it. But all the fashion mags and blogs show hats with a dark grosgrain ribbon around them. A length of grosgrain ribbon is cheaper than a new hat. It is also environmentally friendlier.

Lavender cuttings: The lavender I planted in the middle of the yard looks very sad but is sprouting new shoots, so I’ll make cuttings and plant them wherever.

Flower bed: I planted a few annuals and perennials last weekend, and in true loser gardener fashion, I planted the annuals too far apart (but I don’t think the perennials are too close together. Either way, the flower bed needs a little more work.

I don’t expect to do all of these, or even half of these. I’d be pleased with about three and impressed with myself if I did four or more. For starters, none of the shopping is done. I need to get thread (for the pants alterations) and ribbon (for the hat and the shirtdress) and paint (for the Tiny Vader room) and sponge and fabric (for the Tiny Vader sofa). And of course, there is all the meal prep that must happen every day, and I'm going to take the minivan to the mechanic's for its annual checkup and to get the winter tires off and summer tires on (I know, I know). So, like I said, let's see if I can do three. Including the running (hopefully).

Let the holidays begin!

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Annie Crow said...

I had the same kind of list for the kids' spring break. I had to go into the work three of those days, and we had an eye exam for D, so it was broken up much the same way as yours. I got a couple of things done from my list, and a whole lot of work done in the garden that I hadn't been expecting on doing, so felt well satisfied at the end. Plus I got all my runs in. No writing though.