Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I can't sit


I had this plan, that I'd make kind of a set where Tiny Vader and Tiny Storm Trooper would interact. The set would be a classic living room, tastefully decorated in a New England or traditional English drawing room style, with couches and side tables and tea trays, and Tiny Vader and Tiny Storm Trooper would be up to their usual antics involving sweets and toys and seasonal props...

Except I noticed a problem.

Tiny Vader cannot sit. Tiny Storm Trooper has fairly flexible hip joints. Tiny Vader, on the other hand, has a skirt that limits the movement of his hip joint. 

I'm trying to decide what to do about this. Should Tiny Storm Trooper proceed with building a nice little room as planned? Should I improvise so that Tiny Vader can sit? How will this mess with the scale of the drawing room?

Decisions, decisions...

1 comment:

Annie Crow said...

Perhaps Tiny Vader could manage a stool? Or lounge gracefully against a sideboard?