Sunday, January 26, 2014

(misguided) Parental Pride


Me: If there were 40 Pumpkin Princes and 40 Pumpkin Princesses, I would have someone to cuddle all day.

Pumpkin Prince: But then you would have to cook dinner for 40 people. Wait, it would be 40 of me and 40 of Pumpkin Princess, so that would be 80 people. And you and Daddy, so that's 82 people. That's going to be hard work!

My almost 5 year-old is a mathematical genius!

Now if I could get him to stop kicking my friends…um, between the, um, legs, we'd be good.


Annie Crow said...

That is pretty awesome. Nothing misguided there! Socialization will come soon enough.

pumpkinmommy said...

My friends look forward to that day. When I apologized to him, his reply was "oh, that's all right. He's four. And I hope someday he will understand the pain."

I have very nice friends...