Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where'd they go?

Doko itta no?

My darling, my sunshine, love of my life, reason for living;

1. That's not your chair. That's your sister's.

2. That's not your fork. That's your sister's, too.

3. I peeled two good sized Fuji pears for the four of us, not just you. Where have they gone?


deeje said...

Hee! Love that determined, focused look of his. But... TWO whole pears??

Annie Cat said...

D ate all of his scrambled eggs yesterday and then most of his Nana's and some of both mine and Pete's. I do not know where it goes. You turn around and the food is just gone. What will it be like when they're teenagers?

He also prefers to sit in anyone else's chair but his own.

pumpkinmommy said...

Deeje, his focus when food is involved is something that must be used for all of humanity. With great power comes great responsibility. Or something.

Anne, I imagine myself taking a separate job just to pay for his appetite when he is a teenager.

TiaMK said...

In a little while you'll be saying 'Where did they go?'....the baby years!
And YES! Boys do eat more than girls!!

pumpkinmommy said...

Tia, I didn't quite understand that one until I started university and met a lot of guys who were big eaters (and had that 20 year old male metabolism which, if it could be bottled, would probably make anyone a millionaire in about a week). Both my father and my brother were picky eaters who didn't eat much.

As for the baby years...I am hoping both my son and daughter will grow up to be (reasonably) healthy and happy people and that I'll look back at the baby years with nostalgia.