Monday, September 20, 2010

I look cool from both sides.

Docchi kara mite mo kakkoii!

When I saw a Krispy Kreme when I was in Yokohama for work stuff, I had to stop by, even though there was a long line that I had to stand in for a good 15 minutes.

My brother and his family were in town, so I had to make sure there were enough to go around. I got a dozen plain glazed donuts and some more with nuts and sprinkles (gotta have rainbow colored sprinkles because to anyone under the age of seven, a donut isn't a donut without sprinkles that get their color from carcinogens).

To my American friends, I probably look like a loser for standing in line for 15 minutes to buy donuts from a chain store. But keep in mind, Krispy Kreme donuts only got to Japan a few years ago, and they are to be found only in places like Tokyo and Yokohama. I think the nearest one from us is about 50 miles away and lacks parking space. Their inavailability makes them trendy and desirable. Kind of like Starbucks when they first got here about 15 years ago. So to my family (especially my s-i-l, judging from her response), I am a cool person who brought home the awesome donuts they saw in the Japanese analog of InStyle or Cosmopolitan last month.

But wait! We had the donuts with chilled green tea! I understand chilled green tea is edgy and fashionable and interesting in the Americas and Europe these days. I'm cool either way you look at it!


Annie Cat said...

So the green tea is to counteract the negative health effects of the doughnuts? :)

pumpkinmommy said...

Hey, green tea is good for you, but not THAT good for you :D Actually, we were drinking it because it was the only drink I had that there was enough of to go around (I could have made coffee, but my brother and s-i-l were a little anxious to head out for the mall).

sheri said...

Yummm, Krispy Kreme! There are two Krispy Kreme stores around here, one about 15-20 miles south and the other 15-20 miles north, so it's a "special treat" around here, too.
My daughter's pediatrician is near the northern one (we used to live farther north), so we stopped in for a couple of doughnuts after a recent doctor's appointment. And we did nothing to counteract the negative health effects! :)

pumpkinmommy said...

Yes, they are so dangerous, only those who have a clean bill of health dare venture :D

Like I said, green tea is good for you, but not THAT good for you.

deeje said...

sheri, I'm pretty sure that a diet coke would neutralize some of the sugars from a Krispy Kreme. :)

pumpkinmommy said...

Actually I think the phrase you are looking for would be "average out", not neutralize :P