Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wait a little longer.

Mousukoshi matte.

My darling Pumpkin Prince,

I love you when you toddle to me giggling all the while. I love you when you eat 2 bananas and ask for another. I love you when you stand in front of your high chair and look at me as if to say "is it time for dinner yet?" I love you more than life itself.

And I promise to support any lifestyle choices you may make, as long as they do not harm anyone, including yourself.

But Pumpkin Prince, do we have to start with the whole alternative lifestyle thing so soon?


(No, I didn't choose the outfit, he did. I refused to dress him in the skirt once, but he cried until I did. The hat he found and put on by himself.)

1 comment:

Annie Cat said...

OMG those pudgy arms! I want to nibble on them. Num, num, num.