Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Let us review.

Meticulously detailed hair, accurately depicted facial contour and nose, carefully drawn glasses, shirt in a color he actually owns.


This, I understand, is a picture of me. But it could be any other mom. No trademark glasses, hair of generic length, shirt in a color I do not own.


And then there is this. This is also a picture of me.


I don't own a yellow shirt. And what is that circle around the single hair sticking straight up from my head? Is that my ponytail?

The Pumpkin Daddy pointed out that she got the part about one eye being larger than the other right.



sheri said...

Actually, I thought that circle over your head was a halo!

Tia said...

Me too! (a halo)
I had the joy of having my picture drawn by Youngest Son (at age four?) for Mother's Day and it looked like 'Barutan Seijin' (a bad alien creature from the Ultraman series!). His kindy teacher apologized and said she had asked him numerous times to draw 'mama' not 'barutan'!! At least the other boys always gave me yellow hair and blue eyes!!

Tia said...

Plus, you kind of look like a baby doll in her drawings... :-)

joven said...

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