Sunday, July 5, 2009

Slightly better

Sukoshi ha mashi.

We celebrated Fathers' Day a week late with sushi.


The Pumpkin Daddy is really getting into the paternity leave thing. Last week, he took the Pumpkin Princess to the neighborhood park and did some spontaneous community service, picking up trash.


The boy in the yellow shirt lives a couple houses down the street from us. He was practicing soccer lifts but decided he wanted to be a good citizen too.

Yesterday, I got my rear outside and weeded the garden for 10 minutes. For my trouble, I got six mosquito bites and the garden looks like a garden that hasn't been weeded in a while. This is a slight improvement from before, when it looked like a greener version of the set for Little House on the Prairie.

I found a tomato starting to turn red.


Lovely sunflower that no one remembers planting. Probably sprouted from a seed that fell from one of last years'.


Rather dissociated in content, but at least I no longer have Michael Jackson on top of my page.

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Annie Cat said...

How lovely to find garden surprises!