Friday, December 26, 2008

It's almost over.

Mousugu owari.

The year is almost over. I finished my last day of work a few hours ago. There was a party afterward, but I knew that someone I didn't really like (and it's mutual) was going to be there, plus I'm not all that into workplace holiday parties, so I bailed. I gave the kids running the show advance notice that I was going to bail, but not the reason why, so I shouldn't be too badly off. I'm kind of surprised today was the last day of work. I'd thought that perhaps we'd have to go in on Monday at least. Not that I'm complaining, of course.

The other day, the local radio station was doing a segment about top 10 news stories for Pumpkin Prefecture residents in 2008. No. 1 was gasoline prices going haywire, which is understandable considering the lack of local public transportation and our dependence on our cars. The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy was no. 4.

So what would be the top 10 news stories for Pumpkin Palace residents in 2008? I can't think of 10, so I'll be a cop-out and do something like 5.

1. Anticipated arrival of the Pumpkin Prince. Not due until late March of 2009, he's already giving his older sister insecurity issues.

2. Non-arrival of new Pumpkin in October. I miscarried in late March. It's fair to say that I'm "over" it, and the other day I caught myself making jokes about what I overheard while being prepped for my D&C. Another doctor was telling another patient that her husband's sperm count was pathologically low. Yes, it's crude of me to joke about it, but I'm doing it well out of earshot of the patient in question.

3. Semi-successful first year of gardening. I got a lot of cooking tomatos and jalapeno, and the Pumpkin Daddy got a lot of pretty tulips and sunflowers. I got some but not nearly enough cilantro. I feel like such a loser because I didn't get much zucchini. I mean, it's zucchini (unless, of course, you're from the other side of the Atlantic, in which case it's courgettes). You're supposed to have it coming out of your ears by the end of summer. I think it's the lack of natural pollinators in my garden. I probably should have been getting up every morning to pollinate. Emphasis on the word "should".

4. Death of my paternal grandmother. I no longer have any living grandparents. Second consecutive year of "mourning" in which we don't send or receive New Year's cards or wish anyone Happy New Year. Unless, of course, you're not Japanese, and I will wish you Happy New Year.

5. Lehman Brothers bankruptcy induced economic downturn means decreased production at Pumpkin Daddy workplace, which means he comes home earlier than he used to. It's kind of cool coming home to a clean house with the dishes washed and the laundry all put away. Yes, it's a loss of income, but we were never that badly off to begin with, and it just means that we might not be going on a tropical holiday next year. There will still be enough food on the table and the Pumpkin Daddy will still have his premium beer. I compared notes with my co-workers with husbands who work in manufacturing, and they all said that their husbands were coming home early for the same reason.

What are the "top 10 (or 5 or 3) headlines for 2008" for your family?

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