Monday, November 24, 2008

Three day weekend

San renkyuu

We had a 3 day weekend.

The Pumpkin Daddy came home drunk Friday night. I knew he had a party for work that night because I had to drive him to the train station that morning, so I was not surprised he came home drunk. What surprised me was that he didn't get out of bed until nearly three in the afternoon on Saturday. I pretty much gave up on trying to get anything done other than laundry and getting food on the table.

Sunday, we went to a Shinto shrine for the Pumpkin Princess's Shichigosan. You're supposed to go to the shrine to be blessed for health at ages 3 and 7 for girls and 5 for boys. Some girls go in kimonos for age 3, but the Pumpkin Princess went in a dress (I didn't care to deal with the logistics aspects of renting a kimono, getting it on her, changing a diaper, getting the kimono off her, and taking the kimono back to the rental place). About 5 kids lined up while the priest chanted about health and prosperity and waved paper streamers over their heads (the word for god and paper are both kami).

Monday, the Pumpkin Daddy put lights up on the tree in our yard. I would have pictures to post, but it started raining this afternoon, and I'm not about to go out in the cold rain just for a blog picture.

And the Pumpkin Daddy thinks he is coming down with a cold. We need to get our flu vaccines, but we can't seem to figure out a good time when we're both in decent health.

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